My First Medium Blog as a Product Manager.

Being a Product Manager was never the plan, in fact it was never in the plan. Interestingly,the first time I heard about Product management was sometime in September 2019 when my sister (Seyi) shared a newsletter with me about a product manager who was holding a product program in Lagos.

I couldn’t attend, I was still serving in Akure. It went on and on until I took my first Product Management course in Udemy (there’s a lot of back story to that also, all thanks to Seyi, Seye and one of my old friend)

Wait.. Let me add that I studied Primary Education and my goal was to be a lecturer, I had real and big plans for it.

Okay, so after taking the course, I still thought I wasn’t fit for the role, I felt that I couldn’t handle what the role entails, I relaxed and one fateful day I took the bull by the horn and decided to get really serious.

I enrolled for a product management boot camp at Treford in June, bought my self a laptop in July and started interning in an Ed tech startup in Vancouver.(A lot of back story to that. Lol)

Before completing my 3 month internship I got a full time job as a product Manager in a startup!

This sounds and looks so easy right? But there are still a lot of back stories to how I started.

In my next post, I’ll be sharing my experiences and what I have learnt as a Product Manager.

If you ask me, “Is being a Product Manager worth it?” I’ll tell you, its worth every single bit of it.

I am a Product manager and interestingly, I love what I do.